UKIP councillor urges people to dish the dirt on Labour rivals

Brian Morris 1

Brian MorrisA WAR of words has broken out between political parties after a UKIP councillor issued a plea for “bad press” on any Bradford Labour councillor.

Cllr Brian Morris (UKIP, Keighley West) tweeted his call for information on his rivals, after criticising a Labour leaflet sent to homes in the ward .

He said the leaflet featured comments made by UKIP Keighley Town Councillor Samuel Fletcher on the NHS last year which caused Cllr Fletcher to resign from the party last Friday.

In his tweet, Cllr Morris said: “Hi All Kippers. Can anyone who knows, or has any information or bad press, on any Labour councillor in Keighley or Bradford that can be verified please let me know as soon as possible.

“The reason for this is it looks as if the dirty tricks brigade is working overtime to undermine UKIP in Keighley.

“So we must be prepared to retaliate shot for shot if it continues.”

Cllr Morris told the Telegraph & Argus today: “I like to shoot from the hip.

“No-one will benefit from saying things like that in public. Nobody wants to hear this type of thing.

“I have had quite a number of responses to my tweet already.”

Jason Smith, UKIP chairman for Bradford, distanced himself from Cllr Morris’s stance but said he will not face any disciplinary action.

Mr Smith said: “It’s Cllr Morris’s personal opinion, not the opinion of the UKIP party.

“I’m not going to reprimand him for having a personal opinion. That’s not the way we operate.

“I don’t think it’s the right way to go about business in politics. I want to debate with Labour on policies.

“If Labour want to dig dirt on our candidates, I think Cllr Morris is making a point after Labour put a leaflet out in this area. Mr Fletcher fell on his sword over his comments.

“I’m not going to go down in the gutter with Labour.

“In my opinion, Labour wants to drag the election campaign into the gutter.”

Labour and Bradford Council leader David Green denied there was any dirty tricks campaign being carried out by his group in Keighley or anywhere in Bradford.

He said: “I just find it pathetic.

“I’m not aware that there is any dirty tricks campaign against UKIP going on in Keighley or anywhere in Bradford.

“I am aware they are being challenged on their policies.

“Cllr Morris and his mates need spend their time on their policies, rather than trying to fight out what would appear to be a negative and dirty campaign against other people.”

Telegraph and Argus


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