Ukip mocked for employing Bulgarian to deliver leaflets in Dover

POLITICAL opponents have mocked Ukip for employing a Bulgarian man to deliver party propaganda leaflets around Dover.

Labour councillor Peter Wallace said it was “hypocrisy of the highest order” when he discovered the person passing a six-page pamphlet about anti-EU candidate David Little through his door last week was an Eastern European.

Cllr Wallace told the Express the man said he did not like what was written on the leaflet but was simply doing his job.

The Labour councillor’s social media post about the incident was retweeted almost 1,000 times, including by high profile ex-Tory MP Louise Mensch.

Dover’s Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke joined in with the criticism, labelling the discovery “astonishing”.

But it has since transpired that both Labour and the Conservatives have used the same leaflet distribution company in the past.

David Little told the Express: “We wouldn’t ask if they have got any Pakistanis, Jamaicans or people with ginger hair working for them, would we?

“We are a non-discriminatory party.

“I think it’s absolutely fantastic Ukip is employing people and boosting the local economy. Shouldn’t that be applauded?

“The young Bulgarian man has come here to make a better life for himself and he’s been doing a fantastic job for us.

“The fact the other parties are resorting to this sort of thing means they are obviously worried, and so they should be.”

Cllr Wallace said: “The response to the tweet was unbelievable. I even had a Bulgarian journalist phone me asking about it.

“It’s hypocrisy of the highest order, as well as flat out incompetent.

“Ukip whined about Bulgarians coming to this county for months and how they would take our jobs, and now are they are giving them jobs.

“Luckily the Labour Party has enough volunteers that they don’t need to pay people to deliver leaflets.”

The website for Kent Distributions, however, contains a list of “satisfied clients”, including the Labour Party and the Conservatives.

Dover Express


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