UKIP suspends ‘Islam is evil’ tweet candidate

A UKIP council candidate who tweeted that Islam is “evil” and homosexuality an “abomination” has been suspended from the party.

Harry Perry was seeking election in the Offerton ward in Stockport.

Leader Nigel Farage had commented that his party contained “some idiots” but the reporting of problems within UKIP was “disproportionate”.

Another UKIP candidate resigned last week after making controversial remarks about comedian Lenny Henry.

The party said on Friday it had started disciplinary proceedings against Mr Perry and did not condone his “crackpot” views.

‘Nasty things’

Mr Farage was speaking in Dover as he unveiled his latest poster for the European elections on 22 May.

On Mr Perry’s Twitter account, @harryperry15, he calls for Pakistan to be “nuked”, dubs David Cameron a “gay-loving nutcase”, Muslims “devil’s kids” and homosexuality an “abomination before god.”

Mr Farage said: “I’ve never heard of the bloke until last night. I’ve no idea who he is. I think he comes from the north west of England.

“Clearly his attitude and views are entirely inconsistent with being a member of UKIP. Simple.”

He added: “I could show you 14 elected councillors from the Lib Dem, Labour and Conservative parties who haven’t just said nasty things, they’ve been convicted this year of nasty things.

“And yet it never makes a national headline.

“I am not saying we haven’t had our problems; we have. Every party has these kinds of problems but there is a completely disproportionate media spotlight on what goes wrong in UKIP compared to the others.”

Asked about David Cameron’s comment that it is not necessary to discredit UKIP because they do a “good enough job themselves”, Mr Farage laughed and said: “It was good clever politics. I’ll give him that.

“Yeah, we’ve got some idiots. [But] what is happening here is the establishment are singling out a handful of unpleasant comments made by UKIP people and yet the other parties do these things and say these things – it would appear with impunity.”

‘Racist views’

Mr Perry came fourth in the Offerton ward election in 2012, with 349 votes. He describes himself on his Twitter profile as “interested in politics and religion and what is happening to our country in respect to multiculturalism”.

His tweets came to light after he sent private messages to a Lib Dem candidate on Facebook.

The BBC has not been able to reach Mr Perry for a response.

Last week, UKIP council candidate William Henwood, from north London, left the party by “mutual agreement” after tweeting that Lenny Henry should emigrate to a “black country” and comparing Islam to the Third Reich.

The week before, another candidate, Andre Lampitt, who appeared in a UKIP election broadcast, was suspended for expressing what a party source called “extreme racist views” on Twitter.

Mr Farage said he was “very angry” that “someone like this has been allowed to slip through the net”.



UKIP Member: Lenny Henry Should Leave Britain

A local election UKIP candidate has suggested that British comedian Lenny Henry should emigrate to a “black country”.

Enfield candidate William Henwood was responding to recent comments made by Henry that there was a poor representation of ethnic minorities on British television.

On his Twitter account, he tweeted: “He should emigrate to a black country. He does not have to live with whites.”

In a statement, UKIP insisted the party was “non-racist, non-sectarian” and that “any comments made by members that fail to uphold these values will be duly investigated and acted upon”.

Mr Henwood is not the only candidate to have extreme views revealed in the past week since the party’s manifesto was launched.

UKIP Camden candidate Magnus Nielsen claimed that 70% of UK mosques had been “taken over” by “fundamentalists”.

According to his Facebook page, he said: “Islam is organised crime under religious camouflage. Any Muslim who is not involved in organised crime is not a ‘true believer’, practising Islam as Mohammed commanded.”

And a UKIP member who appeared in the party’s latest election broadcast was suspended after allegedly expressing “repellent views”.

Andre Lampitt apparently posted racist and anti-Islamic remarks as well as inappropriate comments about Labour leader Ed Miliband on Twitter.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said he was “very angry” that Mr Lampitt had been given a role in the broadcast.

Despite a bruising week of controversies, a poll suggests Mr Farage’s party has surged into the lead in the European election contest.

UKIP recorded 31% support in the YouGov survey for the Sunday Times, three points ahead of Labour, with the Conservatives trailing in third place with 19%.

SKY News

UKIP Stands By ‘Women Stay At Home’ Official

David Challice

David Challice

UKIP is embroiled in another racism and sexism row following a Sky News investigation.

David Challice, a senior party official and activist in Exeter, has suggested “cash-strapped Moslems” should have multiple wives, hit out at the “lunacy of multiculturalism”, described Greeks as “vile”, and said women should stay at home.

It is the latest in a series of controversies to engulf the party, ahead of next month’s European elections.

On Thursday, UKIP was forced to suspend a member who appeared in the party’s latest election broadcast, after allegedly expressing “repellent views” on Twitter.

Andre Lampitt apparently posted racist and anti-Islamic tweets as well as inappropriate remarks about Labour leader Ed Miliband on the microblogging site.

Mr Lampitt’s Twitter account was also suspended.

UKIP also sought to dismiss criticism after it emerged it has used an an Irish actor in a poster about the impact of immigration on British jobs.

The party has stood by Mr Challice over his views.

In a statement the party said: “UKIP is not a party that believes in public debate and conversation being stifled by an obsession with political correctness.

“So the threshold for which the mere expression of opinion merits disciplinary action should be set high.

“That threshold was quite obviously breached in yesterday’s furore but it is has certainly not been today.

“Indeed, there are quite legitimate public concerns about the interaction of the benefits system with men who have multiple wives and these have been widely aired in the media.”

It also said his remarks about women were intended as a joke and he had taken the comments about Greeks from another author.


UKIP posterboy suspended after claiming ‘Miliband not British’

Andre Lampitt

A star of Ukip’s latest political broadcast has been suspended from the party after claiming Ed Miliband is “not British”.

In a major embarrassment to Nigel Farage, Andre Lampitt, a Zimbabwean decorator and kitchen fitter who appeared in the party’s television broadcast, posted a string of “repellent” messages online.

Africans should “kill themselves off”, Islam is “evil” and Nigerians are “bad people”, Mr Lampitt claimed.

Mr Lampitt, who describes himself as “Born British in Rhodesia” and speaks with a Zimbabwean accent, was filmed on a building site wearing a hard hat in Tuesday’s television broadcast.

He warned EU migrants are undercutting natives’ wages, saying: “Since the lads from Eastern Europe are prepared to work for a lot less than anybody else, I’ve found it a real struggle.” He was wearing the shirt of his company, Kamina Kawena Services.

Messages on his Twitter account described the Prophet Mohammed as a “pedo” and say Islam is “an evil organisation respecting a prophet who was a pedo [sic].”

He said Ed Miliband, the son of a Jewish refugee, is “Polish and not British”.

One message read: “Miliband is not a real Brit. I hope he never gets to be PM! He was only born here.” He added: “I believe in being British. It is earned through generations of existence not through birth.”

Another message read: “I was born and grew up in Africa. Please leave Africa for the Africans. Let them kill themselves off.”

Another said: “Most Nigerians are generally bad people.” Another message said: “Enoch Powell was right!”

A Ukip spokesman said: “We are deeply shocked that Mr Lampitt has expressed such repellent views. His membership of the party has been suspended immediately pending a full disciplinary process.”

Mr Lampitt did not respond to approaches for comment, but his Twitter account has been deleted.

The outbursts by a prominent new face of Ukip will be highly embarrassing to Mr Farage, who has repeatedly insisted his party has no place for racists.

He has sought to strike a balance between preserving free speech with his party while presenting an electable face to the public.

He was humiliated after Godfrey Bloom, one of his closest allies, made a series of outbursts describing foreign countries as “Bongo Bongo Land” and women as “sluts”.

In response Mr Farage promised to weed out “Walter Mittys” from the party’s candidates to ensure only “reliable, steady, solid people” could run for election.

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Ukip tells members: ‘Don’t go on Twitter

Nigel Farage’s party moves to ban unauthorised use of Ukip logo after embarrassing string of gaffes

Kerry Smith, centre, celebrates a local election victory in May 2013. He has resigned as a prospective parliamentary candidate for Ukip after making homophobic and racist remarks. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Kerry Smith, centre, celebrates a local election victory in May 2013. He has resigned as a prospective parliamentary candidate for Ukip after making homophobic and racist remarks. Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Nigel Farage is cracking down on Ukip supporters’ social media activity after a series of scandals over racist comments. The party has changed its constitution to prevent unauthorised use of the Ukip logo by supporters, members and officials, while Ukip’s chairman has warned those tempted to join Twitter: “My advice: just don’t.”

The move follows hugely embarrassing revelations about the publicly stated views of a host of Ukip European and local election candidates.

In one of the more notorious episodes, William Henwood, a Ukip candidate in Enfield, was exposed by this newspaper for tweeting the suggestion that Lenny Henry, who had recently lamented the lack of ethnic-minority faces on television, should emigrate to a “black country” and does “not have to live with whites”.

Andre Lampitt, the star of Ukip’s 2014 party election broadcast, was suspended for calling Ed Miliband “not British”, attacking “evil” Islam and saying Africans should “kill themselves”.

And just last week Ukip’s Kerry Smith, a prospective parliamentary candidate, resigned after recordings of him making homophobic and racist remarks were leaked. Smith was recorded describing gay people as “fucking disgusting old poofters” and a woman with a Chinese name as “chinky”.

On Friday, Farage threatened to escalate that row after describing the Essex councillor as a “rough diamond” and criticising what he called metropolitan snobbery against people from outside the capital using “colloquial” language. Challenged over Smith’s use of the word “chinky” to describe a Chinese person, Farage asked: “If you and your mates are going out for a Chinese, what would you say you were going for?”

However, Ukip’s national executive council has now passed strict new rules policing members’ social media activity and threatening immediate suspension for those who “embarrass” the party.

A copy of the new constitution, seen by the Observer, lays out “rules for online communication”, which include the diktat that “party members shall refrain from using the Ukip logo in terms of their online postings, including avatars, unless they have express written consent to do so from the party leader, the party chairman, the party secretary, the general secretary, the party director, the regional chairman or regional organiser for their region.”

In a recent edition of a Ukip members’ magazine, party chairman Steve Crowther wrote of social media: “The NEC has adopted a new set of rules for online communication to fill a notable hole in our code of discipline … My advice: just don’t. Remember life before you could delight the whole world with your every passing thought? It wasn’t so bad, was it? I have no Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram thingy. It’s lovely.”

Duncan Cahill from the Hope not Hate campaign group said Farage’s problem was not that his candidates had previously been exposed for holding racist views but that the party continued to recruit “bigoted” people. He said: “Farage covering up the views of his candidates is not going to work, because day by day people are waking up to the sort of party that he runs. They are seeing through him.”

A spokesman for Ukip said the move had been made, in part, because imposters were using the Ukip logo on racist social media accounts in order to embarrass the party.

He said: “We have always been very relaxed in our approach to our brand. But as we grow we find that we have to be much more brand-conscious.

“It is well known that some agents provocateurs set up fake accounts and go to the press to tell them how terrible Ukip is. We need to enforce our right as the copyright holder of our own brand. The idea that this is somehow not entirely normal practice is absurd.

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