Newport UKIP in turmoil as chairman tries to rid party of ‘EDL sympathisers’


NEWPORT’S branch of UKIP appeared in turmoil at the weekend as their chairman appealed for help to “rid this branch of EDL sympathisers”.

Mike Chaffin posted on the branch’s Facebook page: “Not in my name, not in my party and not in my town!”

He pointed readers to comments made by the Newport East parliamentary candidate Donald Grewar on the EDL Facebook page and BNP website.

Mr Grewar responded to an EDL post warning of ‘no surrender to militant Islam or political correctness’ with the comment: “Thus sais it all… the mood of the nation… well done EDL” [sic].

And he said in response to an article on the BNP website about gay marriage: “Well said Richtofen…. sadly this will all come to fruition in the very near future. We need to resist and stand our ground.”

Mr Chaffin asked party members: “Do you consider someone who both praises the English Defence League and posts on the British National Party’s own website to be a suitable candidate?”

He revealed he had been asked to stand down as Chairman and allow two others to take over the branch.

A rival Newport UKIP Facebook page appeared to have been set up this month, with minutes from a meeting on January 23.

In a post to the new page, Andy Byers claimed Mike Chaffin “will be resigning as Chairman of the Newport Branch”.

He said the committee had nominated James Peterson to stand as temporary Chairman until an AGM on February 23.

But after this had been posted, Mr Chaffin continued to refer to himself as chairman on the initial Facebook page.

Mr Chaffin also proposed an annual general meeting to deal with the issues.

He said that people “who even flirt” with these parties “should be banished and those who help or collude with them named,” he added.

He called for such party members “to take their views to a party more closely aligned with their morals.”

His post ended: “If we tolerate this then what will be next?

Andrew Byers, named by Mr Chaffin in his post, said he was “surprised” by the allegations which he said were “completely without foundation”. He added it was impossible to be a member of both Ukip and one of the other parties mentioned.

He said: “So it’s a no comment at the moment. He appears to have an issue…he’s obviously quite disgruntled.”

A spokesman for Hope Not Hate said this was proof the party was run by “amateurs”.

Simon Cressy said: “There are extreme elements within UKIP, as can be demonstrated by some of the comments.

“He’s coming out saying he supports the EDL – he’s not the right candidate to represent the good people of Newport East.

“We would call on UKIP to remove Donald Grewar and any other person that has made extremist comments.”

Donald Grewar has been approached for comment.

A UKIP spokesman said: “UKIP takes all complaints and concerns seriously and fully investigates all issues brought to our attention. Party members living in Newport recently raised some concerns with the party through our internal procedures and the party acted swiftly in ordering an investigation into these matters. When the full facts become known we will release a full statement on our website.”

South Wales Argus


Godfrey Bloom and The Far Right Extremists

Godfrey Bloom

Godfrey Bloom

Of all the people involved with UKIP, one person has constantly been at the front of the queue when it comes to scandal and controversy.

Godfrey Bloom, The Ex UKIP MEP became a household name after stories such as “Bongo Bongo Land” and “The Sluts Row” hit national headlines.

Some of the more gullible UKIP members would label Bloom as ” A loveable rogue”. It’s not a term I would use.

Now that Bloom is no longer on the UKIP gravy time, he has to find activities to fill his diary and it looks like he has found a suitable one for the middle of October.

Godfrey Bloom is to be a guest speaker at a Traditional Britain Group conference held in London on October 18th. The fact Bloom is speaking at the event is controversial enough, however Bloom will be sharing a platform with a collection of far right politicians.

Whilst Bloom name does not appear on the original TBG flyer, their website and Facebook page confirm Bloom is a late addition to the roster.

The Traditional Britain Group is a tiny right wing campaign group that has some links to the Ultra right wing of the Conservative Party.

The man who stands at the helm of the TBG is the controversial Gregory Lauder Frost.

Lauder-Frost is a former BNP member and was previously a member of the Conservative Party’s Monday Club as well as the Western Goals Institute. He believes that the UK was wrong when it declared war on Nazi Germany in 1939 because the Nazis had no quarrel with our country.

Gregory Lauder-Frost

Gregory Lauder-Frost

He also believes that the Nuremburg trials where a “farce… without an ounce of legitimacy” and defended the Luftwaffe’s bombardment of Coventry, saying: “Britain had all its small arms and tanks manufactured at Coventry. If you did not want to be bombed you should not have declared war on a country who had no quarrel with you.”

Lauder-Frost was jailed for two years in 1992 for embezzling money from his employers, the Riverside health authority. The court heard he had channelled money into extreme right-wing political causes. It also emerged at the end of the trial that he was implicated in attempts to sell Russian arms to US based far right groups.

The Traditional Britain Group was criticized for overt and disgusting racism after they called for the Labour peer Doreen Lawrence and millions of ethnic-minority Britons to “return to their natural homelands”. Lauder-Frost said of Doreen Lawrence “: “We do not feel there is any merit in raising such a person to the peerage. She’s a complete nobody. She’s just a campaigner about her son’s murder. It’s ridiculous. She has made countless anti-English comments over the last 10 years. She’s no friend of the English people.”

He continued “This woman has done the British nation no favours whatsoever. If these people don’t like us and want to keep attacking us they should go back to their natural homelands.”

Sharing a platform alongside Bloom and Lauder-Frost is the former Croatian diplomat Dr Tomislav Sunic, who has regularly addressed racist gatherings in America and Europe.

In August 2003, Sunic gave a lecture alongside the far-rightist ex-lawyer Horst Mahler, currently serving a prison sentence in Germany for Holocaust denial, at a conference sponsored by Germany’s nationalist far-right party, the National Democratic Party.

Sunic With Former KKK Leader David Duke

Sunic With Former KKK Leader David Duke

Sunic spoke at the BNP conference in 2013 and has also addressed several meetings of the National Front including its 45th Anniversary meeting in 2012 and a meeting in Bradford in 2009.

The Croat sits on the board of the American white nationalist political party American Freedom Party (AFP) and is the author of the vile anti-Semitic book, Homo Americanus.

Also listed to speak is a name familiar to Hope not hate readers, Paul Weston, chairman of the miniscule Liberty GB party.

Weston was previously better known as the chairman of the now defunct British Freedom Party, the political wing of the thuggish English Defence League.

Paul Weston is a regular blogger for the “counter-jihadist” anti-Islamic website Gates of Vienna. Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik took inspiration from the website and Weston’s articles claiming that there is a “civil war” brewing in Europe with Islam. When questioned in 2012 Weston admitted that the articles may well have inspired Breivik.

The far right barrister Adrian Davies has spoken at TBG gatherings before and will be again later this month, indeed he spoke at their re-launch meeting in 2010, alongside controversial racist lecturer Dr Frank Ellis.

Davies unsuccessfully represented the Holocaust denier David Irving at the Court of Appeal in 2001 after Irving had failed in a libel action against Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books.

Previously chairman of the now-defunct far right Freedom Party, Davies is also linked to the BNP and is a regular speaker at meetings of the far right “New Right”. He was one of the founders of the far right farce that was The British Democratic Party.

Godfrey Bloom is still very much a member of UKIP and is very popular in the party, particularly in his old European region of Yorkshire & Humber where he very close to newly elected MEP’s Jane Collins & Mike Hookem. In fact there are a large number of UKIP members in the region who would like to see him back in the forefront of the xenophobic party.

Only time will tell.

Hop not Hate

UKIP probes Preston candidate’s comments on Facebook

Liz Mahon

Liz Mahon

A UKIP candidate is today being investigated by party chiefs over a string of comments left on Facebook.

Liz Mahon, who is standing for the party in Garrison ward, Preston Council, made posts hailing Enoch Powell, criticising Nigel Farage for paying tribute to Nelson Mandela and calling halal food ‘sick evil satanic’.

The politician made a number of her posts on the Facebook pages of the far-right English Defence League and Britain First parties.

Today a spokesman for UKIP said the posts were “being investigated as a matter of urgency”.

The spokesman added: “Such posts are not acceptable and are not the views of UKIP at all.”

The Evening Post visited Ms Mahon at her home in Forest Way, Fulwood, yesterday. She said the posts were made “ages ago” and declined to comment further. The posts were made on her own Facebook page and other pages including the EDL and Britain First party between August 2013 and February this year.

Ms Mahon is standing in today’s elections for Garrison ward, which is a vacant seat after Coun Jennifer Greenalgh stood down.

Last night Ms Mahon’s page had been changed from public to private and some of the posts were removed.

Liberal Democrat candidate Julie Voges, who is also standing in the same ward, said the posts were “disgraceful”.

She added: “It’s absolutely appalling, it’s quite shocking I feel.

“We are living in a multicultural society. The England she wants to live in doesn’t exist any more. We are all human beings, we are all inhabitants on planet earth.”

Charlotte Leach the Conservative Party candidate for the ward said she couldn’t comment on something she hadn’t seen.

Labour Candidate Steve Ratcliffe could not be reached at the time of going to press.

Green party candidate Bill Houghton couldn’t be reached for comment yesterday.

In February, Ms Mahon shared a message from the far-right Britain First party claiming Enoch Powell was “absolutely” right.

In December she posted on Nigel Farage’s page criticising him for his tribute to Nelson Mandela after the ex-South African president’s death.

She posted: “Bad comment Mr Farage, so very disappointed, you portray Mandela as a good person, when he certainly was nothing of the sort.

“Do you see Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams as a good men, cos if you do, you clearly have shown your true colours on here today – my vote hangs in the balance now. I want you to answer the question.”

And in August last year she commented on a post by the English Defence League Sikh Division page which was headed ‘Barbaric Halal slaughtering of animals.’

She posted: “Sick evil satanic, why is England allowing this evil animal cruelty to happen.

“DEFRA petition is not enough, we need a petition to have this stopped…this is England and they should be arrested for animal cruelty.”


Plymouth UKIP Candidate Links Prince To Paedophilia

Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP reported over the weekend that his party had a number of idiots within its ranks.

The Sunday Times reported yesterday on a story that we shared with them regarding yet another one of Farage’s “Idiots” Plymouth UKIP candidate Derek Wagstaff,

Wagstaff, an ex police office originally from Rotherham is standing for UKIP in the Stoke Ward on Plymouth City Council.

When Hope not hate checked his Facebook profile we found Wagstaff was a member of a large number of online extreme right wing groups including The English Volunteer Force, a violent splinter on The English Defence League and also Britain First, a rival political party who are actually standing candidates against UKIP in some areas and was formed as a breakaway group fom the BNP.

Wagstaff is not a dormant member of these groups regularly sharing racist postings made by these groups on his own personal Facebook profile.


The Plymouth man is also a member of The Anti Islamic World Wide Movement, Parents against Islamic Studies and Indoctrination in our British Schools and Islam Exposed (the truth about Islam) Facebook pages.

These kind of stories regarding UKIP members and racism have become par for the course and we would be fairly certain that there are plenty more out there on the various social networks.

However, our last discovery was a truly disturbing find and not one we had seen before.

Derek Wagstaff posted an article by a conspiracy theorist linking the Prince of Wales to allegations of paedophilia adding the comment: “Unbelievable what our future king has been up to.”

The bizarre, defamatory essay refers to Charles’s friendship with Jimmy Savile, the disgraced DJ, and the prince’s “potential for sharing a penchant for unnatural relationships with children”.

Wagstaff's Paedophile Allegation

Wagstaff’s Paedophile Allegation

A UKIP official has told The Sunday Times that Wagstaff would be added to the list of members subject to disciplinary action.

So when Farage says UKIP is full of idiots who are we to argue ?

Hope not Hate

Ukip local elections candidates’ ‘racist’ language is exposed

UKIP was engulfed in a new racism row today after the Evening Standard unearthed evidence of its London election candidates using offensive language.

James Silverfox, an official Ukip candidate in Barking & Dagenham, made the comment “How did I know he is Nigerian?” on a news story about a fraudster plundering the bank account of a murdered British engineer. Challenged by the Standard, he denied the remark was racist.

Gary Port, standing for Ukip in Greenwich, admitted his Facebook page shows a “like” for a group devoted to the far-Right British National Party. Approached by the Standard, the removal man said: “I don’t think it’s that clear whether the BNP are racist…”

Matt Pavey, standing for Ukip in Lewisham, suggested that the case of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence had received disproportionate amounts of media attention compared with two killings of local white women. He told the Standard he had not intended to cause offence and denied being racist.

Heino Vockrodt, standing in Brent for Ukip, described members of Right-wing protest group the English Defence League — which has been criticised for attracting hooligans to demonstrations staged in mixed-race areas — as “honest normal people” .

An investigation by the Standard found a tweet in the name of another Ukip candidate who implied that “multiracial” schools had inferior results. The new row for Nigel Farage’s anti-Europe party comes days after Enfield candidate William Henwood resigned over tweets that said comedian Lenny Henry should emigrate to a “black country” and compared Islam to the Third Reich.

Trevor Phillips, the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, commented: “I am shocked that Ukip is prepared to have people with these views as their candidates.

“Anybody who wants to stand for office in London must know that comments like these are not acceptable in a cosmopolitan city.”

After being passed details of comments apparently made by seven Ukip candidates in London, a Ukip spokesman said each would be examined for possible disciplinary action: “Ukip is a non-racist, non-sectarian party and all candidates and members are expected to uphold these values. Where evidence is produced to indicate a breach it will be considered at the earliest opportunity by the National Executive Committee.”

But Mr Farage’s election campaign continues to be dogged by controversial or offensive views held by senior party figures and council candidates.

A major Ukip donor has claimed that rape cannot exist within a marriage. Demetri Marchessini said: “If you make love on Friday and make love Sunday, you can’t say Saturday is rape.”

A senior Ukip MEP was exposed today for once claiming homosexuality was “abnormal and undesirable”. Roger Helmer, 70, made the claims in 2000 while a Conservative. In a statement on his website, Mr Helmer said he was “deeply shocked” by today’s story, and insisted it was “morally acceptable to prefer heterosexuality over homosexuality, or vice versa”.
The candidates and their views

James Silverfox

Candidate for Gascoigne ward, Barking and Dagenham

The former soldier, 66, made the comment “How did I know he is Nigerian?” on a link to a news story about fraudsters who plundered the bank account of a murdered Briton. But he told the Standard he was unrepentant about branding Nigerians as fraudsters. He said: “I was the victim of an online banking fraud and lost hundreds of pounds. I was told that the fraud was carried out by a Nigerian gang operating out of a house in Streatham.

“They [Nigerians] are well known for this type of crime and I am speaking out as a victim. I have not met any [Nigerians] that I know of but I would be wary of doing business with them after what I have been through.” But he flatly denied he was a racist, saying: “My wife is Asian and my daughter’s partner is from the West Indies and we get on well. How can I be a racist? I have two grandchildren who are black and two who are white … You won’t find any Nazi symbols in my flat!”

Matt Pavey

Candidate for Whitefoot ward, Lewisham

On his Twitter account, @WhitefootUKIP, he spoke out about allegations of police corruption in the case of murdered black London teenager Stephen Lawrence. He recalled two unsolved murders of white women and tweeted: “Does anyone remember the name Jean Bradley murder unsolved in Acton, London in 1993. Anyone looking for corruption here? No thought not.” Challenged by the Standard he said: “I did not mean to be offensive or malicious … I just wanted to highlight that some cases get overlooked. The way it was interpreted caused offence. I have nothing against the Lawrence family and am not a racist.”

Gary Port

Candidate for Charlton ward, Greenwich

On Facebook, he lists a page about the BNP as “liked”. He also “liked” a page for a group called the “South East Alliance” which contains anti-Islam material, such as an image claiming that 96 per cent of rapes in the UK are committed by Muslims.

Mr Port, a 35-year-old removal man, said of the BNP page: “I ‘liked’ it, not to join in, but to see what other groups and parties were doing.

“It’s like a news feed, so I just ‘liked’ it to get information on my own page because it brings up what issues other people are dealing with, it wasn’t to say I like it. It was a few years ago now, before I joined Ukip.”

Asked if he considered the BNP to be a racist party, he said: “What do you class as racist nowadays? At what point is something racist in this day and age with all the cultures? Obviously some parties are pushing that issue more than others.”

He added: “I don’t think it’s that clear whether the BNP are racist, from what I understand there was a big hype about it many years ago but I’m not sure what they’ve done about it.” But he added: “If I was racist I wouldn’t be doing the job I’m doing now. I do removals for council tenants and you could probably say the majority of them are ethnic. If I had a big problem with it, I wouldn’t be in that job.”

He said he wouldn’t “outright condemn” the “96.3 per cent of rapes in the UK are by Muslims” claim in a South East Alliance post because he would have to “look into the national figures”, but added: “I think personally that’s going to be far too high.”

He said both the Alliance and EDL are disaffected working-class groups, adding: “Like all groups you get some good and some non-good people.”

Heino Vockrodt

Candidate for Dudden Hill ward, Brent

He described members of the English Defence League, whose protests have triggered violent clashes, as “honest normal people”.

He stood by his views on the EDL when approached by the Standard. The commercial consultant, 52, who moved to the UK from Germany 18 years ago and is married to an Asian woman, said: “It appears to me that they [the EDL] are normal, hardworking people like builders.

“I do not agree with their policies but they do sometimes get unfair treatment. If anti-fascists go to their rallies and there is trouble they are always blamed. They get an unfair press sometimes I think. I have an Asian wife and am in no way racist. Ukip is not a racist party.”

London Evening Standard

UKIP’s vile Mandela ‘slave’ rant exposed

Nigel Farage was last night at the centre of a new racism storm over shocking remarks made by UKIP officials about Nelson Mandela and the murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

One mocked Mr Lawrence as ‘Saint Stephen’ and said his grieving mother was ‘boring us all to tears’.

Another, writing just days after Mandela’s death, said that some ‘base-born’ people were ‘intended by nature’ to be ‘slaves’.

Opponents said that the remarks – made on an internal party forum used by senior figures, including party leader Mr Farage – revealed the ‘true face’ of the party.

Some of the most shocking messages concerned Mr Lawrence, who was killed in a racist attack in South London in 1993.

Pamela Preedy, secretary of UKIP’s Redcar branch, wrote: ‘The image of Stephen Lawrence has been promoted to sainthood, with his own memorial site, constant invocation of his name in any discussion of racism; even to close down a discussion about immigration when the issue bore no relevance to his murder’.

Ms Preedy added in the message, left last year: ‘I’m sure his mother still grieves for him, but it’s time she did it privately without setting him up as some kind of media icon. She risks .  .  . boring us all to tears.’

Another contributor to the forum, Keith Woods, a UKIP council election candidate, commented as part of the same exchange: ‘As for St Stephen of Racism, I feel sorry for the parents of many white youths that have been murdered .  .  . no one seems to give a toss .  .  . your son gets murdered, you become an expert on race relations it seems .  .  . but only if you are a particular colour’.

The death of former South African President Nelson Mandela last month prompted some UKIP members to discuss whether it was ‘time for a reappraisal’ of the reviled apartheid system.

David William Griffiths, a member of UKIP’s West London branch, used the site to argue that some people were ‘intended by nature’ to be slaves and were ‘marked out for subjection’ from birth.

He went on to quote selectively from Hindu literature to argue that a ‘base-born man’ can ‘never conceal his real nature’.

He concluded with the offensive line: ‘That kingdom in which such b*******, sullying [the purity of] the castes, are born, perishes quickly together with its inhabitants.’

The word b******* has been removed from the quote, on the grounds that it was ‘offensive language’ which had been ‘auto-deleted’.

Other postings appear to confirm the claims of UKIP’s opponents that many of its activists back the policies of openly racist far-Right groups such as the British National Party (BNP) and the English Defence League (EDL).

One councillor, who uses the online name Icini123, boasted: ‘Some individuals who voted for BNP in desperation, because there was no other alternate where we didn’t stand, have come over to us now.’

Martin Caine, a UKIP committee member in Poole & Mid Dorset, wrote: ‘I actually agree with the EDL on what they protest about.’

And Alexander Monk, a UKIP member from Lowestoft, said: ‘What really grinds my gears about it is people are declaring the EDL as “extremist” which is tosh in my eyes.’

And in a message earlier this month, Brian Otridge, who is a campaign manager for UKIP’s North West Hampshire Branch, declared UKIP should be directly targeting BNP voters in the wake of their leader, Nick Griffin, being declared bankrupt.

Last night, veteran anti-apartheid campaigner Peter Hain said: ‘This is the true face of UKIP. Under their thin veil of respectability lurks rampant bigotry and prejudice, fed by disenchantment and feelings of social injustice.

‘None of these comments surprise me, because whenever I speak out about apartheid I am bombarded with bigoted and quasi-racist tweets from UKIP supporters.’

Last month this newspaper revealed that Victoria Ayling, an ally of Mr Farage, had been captured on video saying of immigrants: ‘I just want to send the lot back.’

Mr Farage vowed yesterday to start a new targeted campaign for the 2015 General Election to ‘pick off’ vulnerable seats, including several held by Labour.

He declared: ‘This party feels itself to be a new force in British politics. The goal is to get enough representation in Westminster to make the difference.’

Last night, commenting on the forum posts, a UKIP spokesman said: ‘UKIP does not endorse any of the comments made on this forum which go against the party’s principles and core values.

‘However, the party does not police open discussions. Where elected representatives or party figures make comments bringing the party into disrepute, we act accordingly.’

Mail On Sunday