How do UKIP attract racists like Jacqui Jackson?


They tell us they are not racist but have the backing from the English Defence League, Britain First and the British National Party which is probably why they attract supporters such as Jacqui Jackson.

Chichester based racist, Jackson, took to Facebook to proclaim to fellow Kippers that she has just renewed her membership for the oddball party.


We were a bit gobsmacked about what we saw next on her Facebook page – an attack on Labour MP Chuka Umunna who she described as a ‘muzslime’ and a ‘paki’.

Chuka is of Nigerian decent and not Muslim, he is Anglican.

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It does not stop there. Her Facebook timeline is like a advert for UKIP and is jammed full with racist and Islamophobic posts.

So Mr Farage. Is this the type of Party Members you are trying to attract to your group with your divisive dog whistle politics?

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Muslim quits UKIP after online racism

A senior member of Leicester’s UKIP branch has quit claiming he had suffered online racial abuse at the hands of another party supporter.

Ismail Patel complained to UKIP bosses about messages he had received on Facebook after making a comment about the crisis in Gaza.

The 26-year-old said party officials did not take action against the alleged offender so he decided to leave and join George Galloway’s Respect party.

UKIP has said it was unable to substantiate Mr Patel’s complaint with the evidence he initially provided – two screen shots – and had asked him for further information that would prove a UKIP member was responsible.

The party says it took Mr Patel’s allegation very seriously but he defected to Respect last week before it could complete its inquiry.

Mr Patel, from Beaumont Leys, who joined UKIP last year was the Leicester branch’s membership secretary and social administration secretary. He was being assessed as a potential parliamentary candidate in May’s General Election.

Mr Patel, who served in the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment for six months after leaving school at 16, said he was sure the racist abuse had come from a UKIP member he knew.

He said: “I wanted the member disciplined. I wanted a press statement saying UKIP was dealing with racism within the party and I wanted a meeting with senior party members.

“It didn’t happen, so I left.”

Mr Patel, a carer for his unwell father, said he went to Respect after had been told by UKIP not to talk about the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The party denies this.

He said: “When I joined UKIP they welcomed me with open arms. As a young Muslim man, I was the kind of person they wanted.

“At the time there was a bit of petty racism from a few but I bit my tongue because I agreed with a lot of the things UKIP stands for and there are some genuinely good people in there. I saw a genuine party that was not afraid to speak up where other parties have failed.

“I also saw a political party that would challenge the old political establishments – that could change the face of British politics for the better.

“However there are still some bad apples in the party.”

UKIP national press officer Gawain Towler said the screen shots did indeed indicate racial abuse but as the alleged offender had been blocked on the social networking site by Mr Patel it was impossible to establish his exact identity.

Mr Towler said: “It (the abuse) was really nasty. I was gobsmacked when I saw it. If that person was a UKIP member I would want him thrown out of the party but with what Ismail originally sent us it was not clear who was responsible.

“I offered to go to Market Harborough and meet Ismail so he could open up his Facebook page to us.

“We were working hard on this and needed Ismail’s co-operation but he left before any of that could happen.”

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Bolton UKIP: War Of Words

Paul Richardson

Paul Richardson

A war of words has broken out amongst Bolton UKIP officials after one of their councillors on Bolton Council refused to apologise for making sexist comments on social media.

Paul Richardson made the comments after the government reshuffle just last week.

The reshuffle saw five female MPs made into senior ministers by PM David Cameron.

Richardson wrote “Cameron promotes more women to the Cabinet. Well, they can take it in turns to make the tea — only joking!”


UKIP’s Bolton chairman, Joan Johnson, said she was offended by Cllr Richardson’s remarks and was “very sad” about the post.

“At the end of the day it’s his idea of joke, and frankly he should know better to put it on Facebook for the world to see. It’s very unwise.

“He should apologise. I also take it personally as a woman, as I do believe in equal rights and equality.

Will UKIP take action against Richardson or will they let his comments go unpunished?

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Crawley UKIP campaign manager told to stop liking Facebook posts by far-right political party with links to the BNP

A PROMINENT member of Crawley’s Ukip branch, who shared and “liked” Facebook posts by a right-wing group linked to the BNP, has been advised not to do so again by his chairman, who himself has denied accusations he has done the same.

Simon Darroch – Ukip’s campaign manager at last month’s borough council elections – has come under fire on political website The Blue Guerilla for liking posts by Britain First.

The political party says it is against Islam and calls itself a “street defence organisation” which “fights the many injustices that are routinely inflicted on the British people”.

Mr Darroch, who lives in Waterside Close, Bewbush, has been advised by Ukip chairman Lee Gilroy not to like or share any more Facebook posts by the group.

Political blog The Blue Guerilla posted an article on its site claiming that both Mr Darroch and Mr Gilroy had liked posts by Britain First.

Local Conservative leader Duncan Crow has said he is “very concerned” that members of a political party in Crawley appear to support a group which he believes has a racist agenda.

However, Mr Gilroy says a number of fake Facebook accounts have been set up in his name to discredit him, and that he too sees the group as racist.

Mr Darroch, 49, insists he “didn’t realise” what Britain First stands for and only liked posts which he thought seemed reasonable.

However, he admitted: “I have since taken a look at their website and I was quite shocked by some of the things I saw. I didn’t really know who they were. It just popped up on my Facebook news feed.”

Mr Gilroy, who was accused of liking one of the posts shared by Mr Darroch – stating that Bolton’s council had voted to encourage schools to fly the British flag – said he actively discourages his members from liking or sharing their posts.

He said: “I have spoken to Simon. He’s entitled to do what he wants, but I told him to actually look at their website and see what they are all about.

“I think he was quite shocked. The way they write things would make people support that particular post but they will be unaware of what they are actually supporting.

“I don’t for one minute think Simon Darroch is racist. He has obviously been taken in by these posts without realising. I have advised him not to like or share anything in future.”

Mr Darroch added: “If they had posted something saying that we should burn all Muslims and anybody who doesn’t fit in with their agenda then, of course, I wouldn’t have liked that. I think it would be better not to like any more, even if they are things which most people agree with.”

When asked for comment by the Crawley News, Jim Dowson, the co-founder of Britain First, denied that the group is racist,

He said: “We’re certainly right wing, but we’re not extreme and we’re not racist. Our London commander is a black man, for goodness’ sake. They need to give it a rest on this racism (accusation). We’re very, very Christian. God makes people in all skin colours. We are against Islam.”

Asked to clarify whether the group was against all Muslims, he added: “Absolutely not. You don’t see us hassling those people who are not preaching hate. But if someone wants to kill you then you’ve got to fight back.”


BRITAIN First is a far-right political party which campaigns primarily against what it sees as the Islamification of the United Kingdom.

It was created by Jim Dowson, who ran a call centre in Belfast for the British National Party (BNP).

Dowson, who also led an anti-abortion campaign, the UK Life League, was joined by other former officials from the British National Party.

Its stated aim is to protect “British and Christian morality” and ensure “genuine British citizens will be put first in housing, jobs, education, welfare and health”.

In May the group visited mosques in Bradford and Scotland to hand out leaflets and Bibles to Muslim worshippers in what it called a Christian crusade.

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UKIP councillor Dave Small suspended by party over racism claims

James Carver

James Carver

A UKIP councillor has been suspended by his party over claims he made racist and homophobic comments on Facebook.

Dave Small, who was elected to Redditch Borough Council’s Church Hill ward on Friday, now faces a disciplinary hearing.

It is alleged Mr Small called African migrants “scroungers” and Clare Balding and Sir Elton John “perverts” because of their sexualities.

The Facebook page has now been taken down and Mr Small has not commented.

Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Politics show, UKIP MEP James Carver said he had brought the issue up with the party.

He said there would be a “fair and thorough” investigation.

UKIP said the suspension had been made with immediate effect, but made no other comment, other than to confirm Mr Small was now facing a disciplinary hearing.

Redditch Borough Council said that as the alleged comments were believed to have been made before he became a councillor, it was not seen as a matter for the authority.

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Confusion over Ukip future of gaffe-prone Matthew Ellery after winning seat despite branding women ‘pug ugly’

Matt Ellery (right) who won a Brighton Hill South seat in the local elections

Matt Ellery (right) who won a Brighton Hill South seat in the local elections

A Ukip candidate who branded the women in his town ‘pug ugly’ and whose future with the party is in doubt after he said he ‘felt like stabbing someone’ on Facebook has remarkably won a seat in Basingstoke.

Matthew Ellery, 22, earned a place on Basingstoke and Deane borough council after winning one of two seats in Brighton Hill South, a result that prompted party deputy chairman Neil Hamilton to explain ‘perhaps some women like people talking dirty to them’.

But Ukip appear to be unsure as to whether Mr Ellery is still one of their representatives, after distancing themselves from him following his Facebook gaffe.

In an awkward interview with BBC Berkshire, Ukip councillor Stephen West insisted that Mr Ellery was still a part of Ukip.

‘He’s going to be a Ukip councillor,’ he said. ‘He’s been elected on a Ukip mandate.’

But Ukip party agent Phil Heath interrupted the interview to say ‘nothing’s been decided’.

‘He’s an independent and we’ll see what happens,’ he added.

After Mr Ellery took to Twitter to defend himself, Alan Stone – the Ukip leader on Basingstoke council and the father of the 22-year-old Bournemouth University student – defended his Facebook comments to the Basingstoke Gazette.

‘Bear in mind he is a student and the comments were what you would expect from a student,’ he said.

‘As a lad, he is extremely intelligent.’

The technique of insulting your constituency didn’t work so well for Winston McKenzie, who was not elected after as Ukip councillor of Croydon after branding it ‘a dump’.


UKIP Candidate Inspired By Nazi War Criminals

John Withill

John Withill

Inspiration is a fascinating subject.

We all have heroes and we all take inspiration from a variety of people.

So imagine my amazement when I discovered that a Leeds UKIP candidate listed a number of Nazi war criminals as some of the people that inspired him.

John Withill is the UKIP candidate standing in the Armley area of Leeds and has created a section on his Facebook page that lists a collection of people that inspire him.

Withill lists names such as:

Kurt Student Student was a German Luftwaffe general who was convicted and jailed for war crimes after his forces mistreated and murdered prisoners of war in Crete.

Albert Kesselring In 1947 a British military court in Venice tried and convicted Kesselring of war crimes for ordering the shooting of 335 Italian civilian hostages in the so-called Ardeatine cave massacre of March 1944. Sentenced to death on May 6, 1947, Kesselring later won commutation to life imprisonment.

Albert Speer Convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity, he served a 20-year sentence at Spandau Prison in West Berlin. Until his death, Speer continued to publicly assert that he had been unaware of the “final solution.” In a letter written in 1971, however, Speer admitted to having been present at a 1943 conference at which Heinrich Himmler announced that all Jews would be killed.

Why would any potential councillor take inspiration from Nazi war criminals?


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