Newport UKIP in turmoil as chairman tries to rid party of ‘EDL sympathisers’


NEWPORT’S branch of UKIP appeared in turmoil at the weekend as their chairman appealed for help to “rid this branch of EDL sympathisers”.

Mike Chaffin posted on the branch’s Facebook page: “Not in my name, not in my party and not in my town!”

He pointed readers to comments made by the Newport East parliamentary candidate Donald Grewar on the EDL Facebook page and BNP website.

Mr Grewar responded to an EDL post warning of ‘no surrender to militant Islam or political correctness’ with the comment: “Thus sais it all… the mood of the nation… well done EDL” [sic].

And he said in response to an article on the BNP website about gay marriage: “Well said Richtofen…. sadly this will all come to fruition in the very near future. We need to resist and stand our ground.”

Mr Chaffin asked party members: “Do you consider someone who both praises the English Defence League and posts on the British National Party’s own website to be a suitable candidate?”

He revealed he had been asked to stand down as Chairman and allow two others to take over the branch.

A rival Newport UKIP Facebook page appeared to have been set up this month, with minutes from a meeting on January 23.

In a post to the new page, Andy Byers claimed Mike Chaffin “will be resigning as Chairman of the Newport Branch”.

He said the committee had nominated James Peterson to stand as temporary Chairman until an AGM on February 23.

But after this had been posted, Mr Chaffin continued to refer to himself as chairman on the initial Facebook page.

Mr Chaffin also proposed an annual general meeting to deal with the issues.

He said that people “who even flirt” with these parties “should be banished and those who help or collude with them named,” he added.

He called for such party members “to take their views to a party more closely aligned with their morals.”

His post ended: “If we tolerate this then what will be next?

Andrew Byers, named by Mr Chaffin in his post, said he was “surprised” by the allegations which he said were “completely without foundation”. He added it was impossible to be a member of both Ukip and one of the other parties mentioned.

He said: “So it’s a no comment at the moment. He appears to have an issue…he’s obviously quite disgruntled.”

A spokesman for Hope Not Hate said this was proof the party was run by “amateurs”.

Simon Cressy said: “There are extreme elements within UKIP, as can be demonstrated by some of the comments.

“He’s coming out saying he supports the EDL – he’s not the right candidate to represent the good people of Newport East.

“We would call on UKIP to remove Donald Grewar and any other person that has made extremist comments.”

Donald Grewar has been approached for comment.

A UKIP spokesman said: “UKIP takes all complaints and concerns seriously and fully investigates all issues brought to our attention. Party members living in Newport recently raised some concerns with the party through our internal procedures and the party acted swiftly in ordering an investigation into these matters. When the full facts become known we will release a full statement on our website.”

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How do UKIP attract racists like Jacqui Jackson?


They tell us they are not racist but have the backing from the English Defence League, Britain First and the British National Party which is probably why they attract supporters such as Jacqui Jackson.

Chichester based racist, Jackson, took to Facebook to proclaim to fellow Kippers that she has just renewed her membership for the oddball party.


We were a bit gobsmacked about what we saw next on her Facebook page – an attack on Labour MP Chuka Umunna who she described as a ‘muzslime’ and a ‘paki’.

Chuka is of Nigerian decent and not Muslim, he is Anglican.

JJ 2

It does not stop there. Her Facebook timeline is like a advert for UKIP and is jammed full with racist and Islamophobic posts.

So Mr Farage. Is this the type of Party Members you are trying to attract to your group with your divisive dog whistle politics?

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Dismissed UKIP Member of the Week: Rozanne Duncan

Rozanne Duncan is a councillor in the Kent constituency where Nigel Farage intends to stand in next year’s general election

Rozanne Duncan was a councillor in the Kent constituency where Nigel Farage intends to stand in next year’s general election

Every time I see, hear or read about Nigel Farage these days, he seems to be apologising for someone else.

UKIP now dismiss their members with such regularity that, in the run-up to this year’s general election, I decided to keep tabs on just who is being dumped this week for calling a guy a “fucking carpetbagger arsehole” or insisting that gays love sex with children and animals.

Who’s Been Dismissed: Rozanne Duncan.

UKIP rank: Independent councillor in the soon-to-be-contested-by-Nigel-Farage constituency of South Thanet, Kent.

What She Did That Was So Wrong That Even UKIP Had to Kick Her Out: She told a BBC film crew that she had a problem with “negroes” because “there’s something about their faces”.

Standard Back-peddling Quote About How Unracist She Is Because She Has Exactly One Black Friend: Duncan got a full house on her UKIP apology bingo card by claiming she is “not a racist” and that she had “many Asian shopkeeper and local business friends”. Because buying an emergency onion from a corner shop once a week gives you carte blanche to go in two-footed on non-white bone structure.

What Happened Next:
Rozanne was actually booted from the party back in December, after party chiefs revealed she made “jaw-dropping remarks” in a BBC documentary about Nigel Farage’s attempts to secure the South Thanet seat in the upcoming election. The comments in question weren’t revealed, presumably because they’d be a right downer over Christmas, but today the Times reported them in full. And, predictably, they are the exact kind of bigoted shit your weird drunk aunty might come out with at the last family meal she is ever invited to.

What UKIP Said: At the time of her sacking, a UKIP spokesperson said of Duncan: “UKIP is expelling Cllr Rozanne Duncan under rule 15 of its constitution for bringing the party into disrepute. She has 28 days to appeal.” To say UKIP is headed up by a man who goes on talk radio to sincerely defend his god-given right to say “chinky”, you’ve got to work pretty hard to bring it into disrepute.

What She Said:
At the time Duncan said: “I was not expelled for having an ‘association with or membership of an organisation incompatible with membership of the party’, nor have I links with a far-right or any other group. The only group I’ve ever belonged to is the Conservative party – unless you count Mensa, the Women’s Institute or the Order of Women Freemasons.” Once again proving that the only people who ever apply to be in Mensa are the worst smart people ever. The kind of people who think doing a riddle is better than watching TV. People who need a laminated card in their wallet to tell them they’re better than others.

I guess she’s got one less of those now.



Branch chairman of UKIP Walsall quits after ethnocide comments are met with uproar

THE chairman of Walsall’s UKIP branch has quit after comments he posted on an online blog, which described immigration policies as “ethnocide”, were met with uproar.

In a December 9 blog post titled “Ethnocide Revisited”, Phil Bottomley posted a poem – which he had written in 2008 – to “express his disgust” at the UK’s involvement in the EU.

Underneath the poem, which accuses Tony Blair and Gordon Brown of “giving away the country’s rights to the EU”, he posted: “It occurs to me that Labour’s deliberate plan of uncontrolled immigration policy was a classic case of ethnocide.

“Put simply it is the cleansing or diminishing of an indigenous population by methods other than mass extermination.”

Mr Bottomley – who played a role in choosing the candidates that UKIP puts forward for elections – then claims that the “immigrant population” will be ahead of the “indigenous peoples of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland” by 2070.

He goes on to write: “The ethnocide perpetrated by Labour and supported by the Coalition is slowly destroying our history and our heritage” before stating: “Ethnocide, and we are allowing it to happen!”

The comments were met with fury by both Walsall Council leader Cllr Sean Coughlan and David Winnick, MP of Walsall North, who described them as “dangerous and abhorrent.”

And just before the Advertiser went to press today (Wednesday), a UKIP spokesperson said: “I can confirm that Phil Bottomley has voluntarily stood down as chairman of the Walsall branch of UKIP.”

UKIP had previously told the Advertiser that the post was “foolish and misguided” but a spokesperson attacked Labour’s response as “hugely exaggerated and inflammatory.”

The matter was, however, referred to UKIP’s national executive committee for consideration.

Both Cllr Coughlan and David Winnick, MP for Walsall North, had called for Nigel Farage, UKIP’s party leader and UKIP members of Walsall Council to choose a new branch chairman earlier this week.

“[Mr Bottomley’s] views are clearly not shared by the people of Walsall,” said Cllr Coughlan.

“UKIP claim they are a non-racist party who support immigration so I am calling on Mr Farage, along with the UKIP members on the council, to disown his comments and choose a new branch chairman.”

David Winnick MP added: “We will continue to oppose those sorts of remarks, and will not retreat from this.

“In view of what the UKIP leader has said on more than one occasion when faced by such comments from some of his members, we would expect him to do likewise.”

The Advertiser contacted UKIP Walsall earlier this week, but Mr Bottomley declined to comment.

Walsall Advertiser

UKIP’s Racist Fisherman Has Form

I wrote earlier about Steve Barratt, UKIP’s racist fisherman who is a guest speaker at a UKIP meeting in Thanet, Kent tonight.

Following the exposure of his vile racism, Barratt has subsequently deleted his post and tried to make out to anyone who will listen his offensive post was just a one off angry response to the events in Paris yesterday


However, we can reveal this isn’t the case and in fact Barratt has lots of previous form when it comes to racism.

Check out the grabs below, all made before the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

UKIP and Janice Atkinson have still refused to take any action or make any comment regarding Steve Barratt.

Hope not Hate

UKIP Guest Speaker Posts Racist Tirade

A guest speaker lined up to speak at a Kent UKIP meeting tonight is at the centre of a race row today after launching into a racist tirade yesterday on Facebook.

Steve Barratt, who represents the Thanet Fisherman’s Association and is a ardent UKIP supporter posted the offensive messages yesterday in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo shootings that killed 12 people.

Barratt has been invited to speak at the meeting organised by UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson.

Writing on his Facebook page he wrote: “Who cares about the prophet?” and referred to the suspects as “rag heads” telling them “if you don’t like our western culture to fuck off back to where you came from” and that because “you didn’t like living in a third world shit hole so you decided to be unhappy in the west”.

Janice Atkinson and UKIP has so far failed to withdraw the invite for Steve Barratt or condemn his behaviour.

Hope not Hate

Ukip councillor fired after allegedly saying she has a problem with ‘negroes’ because there’s ‘something about their faces

A Ukip councillor who was fired from the party allegedly said she had a problem with ‘negroes’ because there’s ‘something wrong with their faces’.

Thanet councillor Rozanne Duncan, 68, was expelled from the eurosceptic party last month for comments made in a TV interview that, despite Ukip declining to publish, were described by one source described as ‘jaw-dropping’.

And it has now been revealed that Ms Duncan lost her job because she allegedly said she had a problem with ‘negroes’, The Times reports.

Ukip is expelling Cllr Rozanne Duncan under rule 15 of its constitution for bringing the party into disrepute. She has 28 days to appeal,’ a party spokesman said at the time of the sacking.

The comments, which apparently included Ms Duncan saying there was ‘something about the faces’ of black people, were reportedly said during the filming of a television documentary about Ukip in South Thanet, the constituency where party leader Nigel Farage will stand for election in May.

The former Conservative allegedly went on to insist that she was ‘not a racist’ because she had ‘many Asian shopkeeper and local business friends’.