Trouble In Store For Portsmouth UKIP?

Douglas Denny

Douglas Denny

UKIP, always the party to fall out amongst themselves have done it again, this time in Portsmouth.

The Xenophobic party have sacked their prospective parliamentary candidate for the Portsmouth South constituency Douglas Denny, deselecting him from standing for the Hampshire seat.

The divisive decision was made by the party’s national executive committee (NEC).

However, it seems the NEC forgot to inform the chairman of Portsmouth UKIP, Stuart Potter of their ruling, something that hasn’t gone down too well in Pompey.

Hope not Hate wonder if the decision was down to comments made earlier this year by Denny where he called homosexuals “abnormal” saying “‘I wish that they wouldn’t try to keep ramming it down my throat that they are normal in their sexual practices.” ?

Hope not Hate


UKIP Branch Attempts To Mislead Public Over BNP Member

Nigel Farage, UKIP leader has said that he is “proud” that his party have claimed a third of all BNP voters.

Speaking at an event at London’s Chatham House, Farage denied taking “extremist” positions on immigration, pointing out that former BNP members had been banned from joining his party.

He went on to claim that “We want no truck with the BNP types at all,” he said.

We were a little surprised by that statement, seeing as his xenophobic party has countless former members and supporters of far right parties in the ranks of UKIP.

Take for instance former UKIP candidate David Rimington from Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

Rimington stood as a UKIP candidate in the picturesque town of Knaresborough last year in the North Yorkshire County Council Elections.

Fortunately he failed miserably, finishing in 6th place but what the good people of Knaresborough didn’t know was that David Rimington had a deep dark secret, his name and address appeared on the leaked BNP membership list.

However, what is even more shocking is the fact that Harrogate & Knaresborough UKIP apparently knew of Rimingtons links to the far right party and by all accounts attempted to hide the facts from the public.

Rimington’s telephone number, postcode and BNP membership number are also included on the list. The postcode matches exactly the postcode of the UKIP candidate who stood in Knaresborough last year.

We rang the telephone number included on the BNP list and Rimington confirmed that he was still a UKIP member, confirming that the details were correct.

We wonder if Harrogate & Knaresborough UKIP intend to stand David Rimington as a candidate in the future, we also wonder if the entire branch of UKIP will be disciplined for attempting to hide the fact that one of its activists was previously a BNP member?

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Party chair challenged over ‘backing’ for BNP

Misty Thackeray

Misty Thackeray

UKIP Scotland’s interim chair has denied signing a petition supporting a football steward sacked for standing as a British National Party candidate.

The name of “Arthur Misty Thackeray”, Ukip’s top official north of the Border, appeared on the petition but he denied all knowledge of the steward.

The Sunday Herald last week revealed that Thackeray had made a series of offensive posts on Facebook on religion.

In 2011, he wrote: “Real Catholicism and Real Islamism are far from antagonists with both having an outwardly benign image but inwardly sharing a fascist ideology of extreme submissive conservatism and imperialism …”

He also took aim at Holyrood: “[T]here’s more chance of winning the lottery two weeks running than getting an openly Rangers-supporting MSP into the chamber of the institutionally catholicised pretendy parliament .. lol.” Thackeray, who works in the security industry, also made claims about Glasgow City Council’s policy on marches: “No wonder the blue half of my city say G.C.C actually stands for the Glasgow Celtic Council for Gays Catholics Communists NS!”

The comments prompted Jonathan Stanley, a senior Ukip member in Scotland, to urge him to attend an anti-sectarianism course.

Thackeray is now facing questions over an online petition about a steward who was sacked by Middlesbrough FC due to far-right political activity. The petition was started by a one-time BNP candidate and read: “We the undersigned petition Middlesbrough Football Club to reverse their decision in sacking Barry Towers for standing in the local council elections for the British National Party.”

The name Arthur Misty Thackeray is on the petition, as are more than 200 other names.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith said: “Mr Thackeray needs to answer questions on why his name appeared on this petition. The people of Scotland have a proud tradition of supporting justice and tolerance; it is for this reason that Ukip will continue to be rejected at the polls north of the Border.”

Thackeray said: “The only Barry Towers I’m aware of is a high-rise block in Wales.”

He said the suggestion he had signed the petition was “ridiculous”, adding: “I am well aware a Walter Mitty character is feeding misinformation to anti-Ukip and pro-separation media outlets to demonise and destabilise myself and the party.”

Herald Scotland

Godfrey Bloom, Ex Ukip MEP, Compares Disabled Oxford Student To Richard III

UKIP Annual Conference 2013

Controversial MEP Godfrey Bloom reportedly shocked attendees at an Oxford Union debate, calling a disabled student ‘Richard III’, after the monarch who famously had a deformity.

Bloom, who lost the Ukip whip for a series of bizarre gaffes including calling a roomful of women ‘sluts’, was speaking on the motion “Post-war Britain has seen too much immigration.”

His fellow debater was Spectator columnist Douglas Murray, who published a blog this morning detailing the incident at the debate, where the motion was opposed by Lord Singh, Nadhim Zahawi MP and Monica Ali.

According to Channel 4’s Michael Crick, who was hit on the head with a brochure by Bloom at the Ukip conference, Bloom was confronted by a male student who had a disability, and who disagreed with his take on immigration.

The student was David Browne, a second year law student at Merton College, from Carryduff, Northern Ireland.

Bloom then asked Browne: “Are you Richard III?”, according to reports from Crick and Murray.

“What Mr Bloom managed, however, was beyond my worst fears. Nevermind his referring to Monica Ali as ‘sweetheart’,” Murray wrote in the Spectator.

The student had “a rather clear disability.. slightly lame in one leg” according to Murray, who said he did not know what the disability was, but recalled him making an “impassioned speech against my side of the argument, ending in an unnecessary attack on Mr Bloom”.

The student called Bloom out on the attack, saying the personal attack meant he had lost the argument, according to Murray.

“It was an awful moment. I thought the student’s speech misguided and wrong. But why anybody, let alone an elected politician, would taunt him for his disability is beyond me. It was a gruesome moment – ghastly, disgraceful and deeply telling of Mr Bloom. I was glad to have the opportunity to speak with the student afterwards,”Murray wrote on the blog.

Bloom told Channel 4 the student had not taken offence. “We enjoyed a good drink and a laugh until one o’clock in the morning on the strength of it.”

Browne told Channel 4: “I didn’t think it was a very nice thing to say. I wasn’t happy with the remark.”

But he added that he had drunk with Bloom after the incident, “We didn’t bring it up again. He’s a very interesting man to talk to,” he said.

Richard III is believed to have had physical deformities, including a hunchback, but some of the more outrageous descriptions of his appearance, and his portrayal in Shakespeare’s play, can be attributed to the Tudor propaganda of the era.

Huffington Post

UKIP’s New Director of Communications Patrick O’Flynn: In His Own Words

Patrick O'Flynn

Patrick O’Flynn

UKIP have just announced the appointment of a new Director of Communications, the Daily Express journalist Patrick O’Flynn.

O’Flynn is currently the Chief Political Commentator for The Daily Express and will leave the newspaper next month to take up the position with the xenophobic party, with a run up to UKIP’s campaign for the 2014 European and UK local elections.

The journalist is also standing for UKIP in the European elections as the lead MEP candidate in the East of England constituency and was controversially selected above sitting MEP Stuart Agnew.

Party Chairman Steve Crowther claimed that O’Flynn was ” already a deeply valued part of the UKIP team”

Deeply Valued ?

If that is the case O’ Flynn’s appointment shows the true direction that UKIP is heading in.

The Express journalist regularly uses his newspaper column to spew his particular brand of Islamophobia.

Here are just a few quotes from UKIP’s new Director of Communications.

July 4, 2007

” Before long I can see the old East End becoming an almost exclusively Muslim district in which others fear to tread”

Tue, November 13, 2007

” It was British Muslims who committed mass murder on July 7, 2005.”

” How about the systematic electoral fraud that disfigures democracy in many of Britain’s new Asian ghettos? ”

Tue, December 4, 2007

” Increasingly people are concluding that Britain and Islam have fundamentally incompatible cultures and never the twain shall meet.”

Tue, January 8, 2008

” If we allow the uncontrolled expansion of non-integrated British Islam the character of our nation will be destroyed forever. To inflict the Muslim call to prayer on everyone with a Mosque in their area will have but one result – more so-called “white flight” out of urban areas and the creation of more Islamic ghettos.”

” To ordinary British ears the wail of the Mosque is not just an unwelcome racket, but an alien and threatening sound”

February 12, 2008:

” Why should we trust Britain’s Muslims? ”

” The vast majority of us seem not to feel like that about British Muslims. We feel that this is a troublesome minority with a record of disrupting our national life and ostentatiously refusing to fit in with the overall culture.”

” Muslims may feel they are being singled out for harsh treatment, but in fact the British public is being perfectly fair and sensible in a post-September 11 world.”

” The leaders of British Islam still don’t appreciate the degree to which their behaviour is despised by the majority of the public.”

” Consider which of these statements best reflects your own view:

a) Britain would be a better country if there were more Muslims living here.

b) There is the right number of Muslims in Britain to serve the country’s interests.

c) It would be preferable if Britain did not have a large Muslim population at all.

Got an answer yet? I bet it wasn’t A.”

” On an economic level, the impact of Britain’s Muslims is massively negative. Research shows Muslim communities are typified by heavy levels of welfare dependency and low levels of wealth creation.”

” On a wider cultural basis, the impact of Islam on this country is also strongly negative in the eyes of the public.”

“Muslim urban ghettos have also reintroduced electoral fraud as a regular feature of British political life.”

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