BNP bomb-making OAP gives Ukip £28k in will

Ukip faced a new race row last night over a £28,000 gift from a pensioner branded ‘evil’ by a judge for giving a bomb-making recipe to a man who attacked immigrants’ homes, writes Simon Walters.

Allen Boyce received a two-year suspended jail sentence for handing bomb-making instructions to a British National Party activist who was jailed for a race-hate campaign against Asian families in Eastbourne.

Details of political donations published last week show that Boyce, a National Front parade bugler, who died recently aged 82, left £28,416 in his will to Ukip.

Boyce pleaded guilty at Lewes Crown Court in 2006 to incitement to possess explosives.

He told Terry Collins how to mix two chemicals needed to make a bomb, and gave him a note claiming he knew a hotel where immigrants lived.

Collins did not use the recipe, but carried out a 14-month race-hate campaign against three families. He was jailed for five years for pelting their homes with stones and a firework tied to a brick.

Judge Anthony Niblett suspended Boyce’s sentence for two years and placed him under a two-year supervision order.

He told him: ‘Your involvement in criminality stems from your extreme political views which are abhorrent to all right-minded people. On mature reflection, you will understand the wrong, indeed the evil, in which you have become involved.’

Last night, Mr Farage reacted quickly to defuse the row and announced the money would be given to charity.

In a statement issued shortly after The Mail on Sunday contacted Ukip over the donation, the party said it was ‘horrified at the provenance of this money’.

It said the cash would now be passed to a charity ‘helping Christians and Yazidis suffering in Kurdistan’.

The Daily Mail


Colne Valley UKIP chairman Greg Broome may resign after being found guilty of assault on wife

Greg Broome

Greg Broome

A UKIP branch chairman may have to resign after being found guilty of assaulting his wife.

Greg Broome, who chairs Colne Valley UKIP branch, was found guilty of the assault by a district judge at Kirklees Magistrates Court yesterday.

The court heard Broome had cut the skin under his wife’s lip when he attempted to silence her during an argument at the Slaithwaite home the couple shared, in August 2012.

Broome had split from his wife but the pair and their children were still living together, the court was told.

An argument broke out over where Mrs Broome would sleep which spilled into the bathroom.

The court heard Mrs Broome had started screaming so Broome raised his hand to her face to silence her and his finger caught the skin below her lip, causing it to bleed.

Broome, 37, of Town End, Golcar, admitted the charge in a police interview and added he was sorry for causing the injury.

But in court yesterday Broome claimed he had been duped by police into believing his wife, Joanne Broome, had made a statement and a formal complaint.

Mrs Broome refused to press charges but the assault was reported to police by an unnamed person.

Broome’s defence argued that the interview could not be used as evidence – but District Judge Michael Fanning disagreed.

Handing Broome a six-month conditional discharge Mr Fanning said: “This happened at a time of immense stress.

“It was a one-off and nothing has happened since”.

Mr Fanning added: “You won’t be sentenced providing you don’t get into trouble for the next six months.”

The former UKIP candidate was order to pay £620 costs plus a £15 victim surcharge.

Broome, a full-time carer for his mother, stood as a UKIP Kirklees Council candidate for Golcar ward in May and in November last year.

After the hearing yesterday, Broome told the Examiner he may ‘potentially’ have to resign as chairman of Colne Valley UKIP branch.

The Examiner

Ukip has lost almost one in 10 county councillors who won seats in 2013

Farage. Photograph: David Cheskin/PA

Farage. Photograph: David Cheskin/PA

Farage’s party down by 12 county representatives out of 139, just a year on from May 2013 poll, Guardian research shows

Ukip has lost almost one in 10 of the county councillors who won their seats when the party made a breakthrough at last year’s local elections, research by the Guardian has found.

A year on from the May 2013 poll, the party is down by 12 county representatives out of the 139 who were elected.

The majority of new Ukip county councillors appear to have been working actively in their communities over the past 12 months, with statistics showing they have the best attendance record of any party at more than 92% of compulsory meetings. In many areas, they have fought to limit councillor allowances and perks, campaigned against HS2 and mounted protests against EU flags being flown in town halls.

However, the band of newly elected councillors also appears to have been plagued by a disproportionate number of controversies. They include Peter Lagoda in Cambridgeshire, who has pleaded guilty to benefit fraud amounting to almost £25,000; Matthew Smith in Norfolk, who was charged with electoral fraud earlier this year; and Peter Georgiou, also in Norfolk, who resigned after admitting to shoplifting from Poundstretcher

Among those who have held on to their jobs is Victoria Ayling in Lincolnshire, now a parliamentary candidate, who was filmed saying she would like to “send the lot back”. Ayling claimed she had been referring to illegal immigrants.

A number of others left the party after controversies over remarks made on social media. Eric Kitson of Worcestershire resigned after posting anti-Muslim and antisemitic messages on Facebook. Chris Pain, formerly opposition leader on Lincolnshire county council, was also criticised after his Facebook page carried a post referring to “sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding … ragheads”. He denied posting the comments and said his Facebook page was hacked. However, he was expelled from the party in a separate feud with the leadership and took four county councillors with him to form a new group – Independence from Ukip. One of those who left to join his breakaway group was Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright, whose Facebook page included a post saying: “Bottom line is we have too many muslims [sic] in this country!”

Others to have left include the Worcestershire councillor Martin Jenkins, who resigned in protest at the party’s anti-gay marriage stance, and a Somerset councillor, Nigel Pearson, who had “irreconcilable differences” with his local party. A Worcestershire councillor, Tony Baker, died after just five weeks in office and the seat was retaken in a byelection by a Conservative.

Over the year, the party has gained new councillors through defections on a district, borough and town level, with 19 coming from Labour and the Conservatives in London alone. However, its county council losses during the year are many times higher than the other parties, with overall levels of Conservative and Labour councillors remaining almost stable.

Dr Matthew Goodwin, a politics expert at Nottingham University, said this would not undermine Ukip’s support and, in fact, the controversies may add to its appeal.

“While it is tempting to think the performance of radical right councillors or members of the European parliament might impact on their support, it clearly does not,” he said.

“With the radical right, and figures like [party leader Nigel] Farage, it is as if voters are willing to give them a free pass – to use them as a vehicle through which they can express their intensely held concerns over Europe, immigration and the state of our politics while overlooking their own failings or those of individual councillors and candidates. Indeed the past two months of British politics have made one thing clear; lining up voices in the establishment to denounce or ridicule an anti-establishment revolt does not work. If anything, it simply adds to their appeal.”

Ukip’s high drop-out rate is mirrored in the European parliament, where it has lost a third of its representatives since the last election for Brussels.

However, Farage has claimed his councillors are coming under unfair scrutiny as other parties trawl through social media for misdemeanours. The party has also launched a fightback by highlighting bad behaviour by councillors from other parties, including a Lib Dem borough councillor in Sutton recently convicted of racially aggravated assault.

Countering claims it has picked candidates for this month’s district, borough and town council elections with racist views, Farage held an event showcasing the party’s supporters from ethnic minorities last week. But this was undermined this week by the resignation of young Ukip rising star Sanya-Jeet Thandi, who left on the grounds that she believes the party has descended into a terrifying “form of racist populism”.

Ukip did not respond when asked to comment on the number of councillors who have left the party.

The Guardian

UKIP Calamity In Calderdale

As the numerous UKIP nominations begin to roll in from around the country, some of the candidates names raise one or two eyebrows.

A area well known to us here at HOPE not hate is the Mixenden & Illingworth ward on Calderdale council in West Yorkshire.

In the past, we have mounted a number of very successful campaigns in that ward when it was a stronghold for the local BNP.

Fortunately, we were able to see off that threat but now we see a very different type of politician attempting to get his feet under the table in the area.

Standing in the ward is Calderdale UKIP chairman David Ginley.

Ginley is a well known politician in the area and has a colourful past which is well documented.

A former Conservative councillor, Ginley was embroiled in controversy in 1993 after appearing in court after voting twice in a council election. He was found guilty and was ordered to do 200 hours of community service plus costs. Ginley claimed that as he paid poll tax on two properties he should be entitled to two votes.

In 2003 Ginley again appeared before Calderdale magistrates and admitted two charges of forgery. He was warned by the judge that he could be jailed for the offences which arose from an unpaid plumbing bill following work carried out at one of his many rental properties. Ginley was subsequently handed a 180 hour community order plus costs.

Ginley held the Warley seat on Calderdale Council from 1998 until he lost his seat in 2004. He was again voted back on the council in 2006 and in 2007 was nominated by the Conservatives to be Mayor of Calderdale.

In 2010 he was again arrested by West Yorkshire Police this time on suspicion of electoral fraud. Ginley claimed that confusion had arose following the collection of proxy vote forms.

Two years later in 2012 he was kicked out of the local Conservative Party after accusing him of “unethical practices” after he allegedly asked someone to stand as a “Liberal” candidate undermining the election prospects of the Liberal Democrat Party candidate.

As UKIP’s standards are so low they have welcomed Ginley with open arms, we hope the good people of Mixenden & Illingworth are a little more fussy.

Hope not Hate

UKIP Candidates Have Such High Standards..

Alby Tebutt

Alby Tebutt

It’s good to know that UKP have a high standard when it comes to selecting their prospective candidates for this May’s elections.

The London Borough of Havering has seen a recent upsurge in UKIP activity, just this week three councillors Eric Munday, Lynden Thorpe and Peter Gardner defected from the ruling Conservative group over to UKIP, causing the Conservatives to lose overall control of the council.

Another well known Tory has also just defected to UKIP, but the Conservatives are less likely to lose any sleep over this particular switch in allegiance.

74 year old Alby Tebbutt was a Conservative councillor for 24 years but left the party in 2012 during a bitter struggle between the old guard that Tebbutt represented and its younger members.

Havering UKIP group leader Councillor Lawrence Webb has welcomed Tebbutt into the party with open arms saying “He will give us a tremendous boost. He’s a very colourful character, and he has a vast amount of experience. He will only help us should we get a large number of councillors elected.”

Tebbutt, from Romford will stand as a Havering UKIP candidate in the council elections this May

I wonder if Webb has his tongue firmly in his cheek when he says that Tebbutt is a “colourful character” ?

As far back as 1991 Alby Tebbutt received a conviction for actual bodily harm according to The Havering Post newspaper.

In 2005 Alby Tebbutt was suspended for bringing the council into disrepute over allegations he intimidated and swore at a fellow Tory and insulted his wife. He had earlier been cleared of common assault in connection with the incident.

Also in 2005 Tebbutt was referred to the audit commission for racking up a £6,500 council mobile phone bill while holidaying in Hawaii.

Again in 2005 Alby Tebbutt received a reprimand from The Standards Board after a breach of protocol on probity in planning matters. He was to be punished again just a year later for committing the same offence.

In 2007 Tebbutt was found guilty of threatening behaviour after an electioneering bust-up in which he told a man “I’ll bury you” and sentenced to a year conditional discharge and £400 court costs.

The Conservative Party suspended Tebbutt following a conviction for common assault in December 2009. This was overturned on appeal and is something he always strongly denied.

AT 1

Finally, in 2013 Alby Tebbutt made the national headlines after he vowed to go on a grey squirrel killing spree after one squirrel chewed through the wiring on his garage and burnt it to the ground.

He seems such a nice man…..

Hope not Hate

Farage’s alleged lover ‘made false sex claims against Tory’

Police are investigating claims that the alleged former mistress of Nigel Farage falsely accused a Tory MP of sexual assault.

Annabelle Fuller, until recently a Ukip spin doctor, had previously accused Andrew Bridgen of inappropriately touching her at his Westminster flat in 2011. Mr Bridgen, who denied wrongdoing, was arrested but no charges were brought.

The case went quiet until Monday, when Scotland Yard officers spoke to Mr Bridgen for 50 minutes about allegations that Ms Fuller, 32, had fabricated the claims against him.

The allegations were made by Jasna Badzak, a former Ukip press officer and parliamentary candidate. Other claims by Ms Badzak against Ukip, including allegations of “financial irregularities” at the party, are also under investigation by the police.

Ms Badzak was convicted in October of defrauding Gerard Batten, a Ukip Euro MEP and her former boss, out of £3,000. She received a 12-month suspended sentence but is appealing.

Last night Ms Fuller said that Ms Badzak’s claims were “the lies of a proven fraudster”.

In June 2011 Ms Fuller met Mr Bridgen, the MP for North West Leicestershire, in a Westminster pub before returning to his flat with a mutual acquaintance, according to an account she gave at the time. She alleged that the MP reached up her skirt and touched her on the bottom and leg.

A week later Ms Fuller withdrew her allegations, conceding that her behaviour could have been construed as flirting. Later that month she waived her right to anonymity to tell a newspaper that her life had “been destroyed” after Mr Bridgen threatened to sue her for “ludicrous and false” allegations.

She said she had gashed her head fleeing from Mr Bridgen’s apartment barefoot after taking his Westminster pass and BlackBerry phone. When a security guard asked if she wanted to call the police, she said she replied: “I just want to get the hell out of here.”

Police officers are now looking at whether Ms Fuller stole Mr Bridgen’s BlackBerry and pass. Ms Fuller said she took them to prove where she had been.

It is understood that police inquiries are at an early stage. A spokesman said they were “looking into” the allegations and that no arrests had been made.

“It sounds like someone is just trying to make another attack on me, which I’ve had in the past few weeks,” Ms Fuller said. “I’m not going to say any more because I haven’t actually spoken to the police about this.”

Ms Badzak said she first contacted police with her evidence in July 2011 and was contacted this year by David Manning, an acting superintendent at Scotland Yard.

Mr Farage, the Ukip leader, already faces an inquiry into allegations that his party may have breached parliamentary rules by using taxpayers’ money to fund its political operations.

Both Mr Farage and Ms Fuller deny having an affair after an ex-colleague claimed she was his “former mistress”.

Mr Bridgen declined to comment.

The Times

Police begin inquiry into Ukip finances


Police are investigating claims of “financial irregularities” at Ukip, The Times can reveal.

The Metropolitan Police said they were looking into a series of allegations made against Nigel Farage’s party by Jasna Badzak, a former Ukip press officer and parliamentary candidate.

David Manning, an acting detective superintendent at Scotland Yard, outlined five claims that he intends to investigate in an e-mail sent to Ms Badzak last week. They include financial irregularities “regarding the funding of the party” as well as a number of other allegations made against individuals associated with Ukip.

It is understood that Mr Manning has already interviewed at least one person named in connection with the complaints. A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said that no arrests had been made.

Mr Farage already faces an official inquiry into allegations that Ukip may have breached parliamentary rules by using taxpayers’ money to fund its political operations.

A former member of the UKIP press office, who is not Ms Badzak, claimed that staff were improperly paid out of funds received by the party through its membership of a political group called Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD).

European Parliament rules state that such funds must not be used to “finance political parties at national and European level.”

“I was paid by the EFD group in the European Parliament, even though I worked exclusively for UKIP in the UK,” the whistleblower said. “The money was paid into my bank account directly from the EFD group.”

A Ukip spokesman last night declined to comment on Scotland Yard’s inquiries.

The party has previously stated that its MEPs are “careful to observe European parliamentary rules when spending resources on funding the goal of British withdrawal” and that it was “wholly legitimate” for some EFD staff to work out of London.

Ms Badzak was convicted in October of defrauding her former boss, Ukip Euro MEP Gerard Batten, out of £3,000. She received a 12-month suspended sentence. She is currently appealing the conviction.

The Times